Welcome, fellow orateur!

We all speak, many of us more than we should, but do we communicate effectively? And can we still do so in front of a crowd? That, and all other things speech and presentation related, is what we will explore on this site.


About me

My name is Peter Zinn, and I have been an international professional speaker for over 10 years. Before that, I played improv theater. The energy and pleasure that is part of improv is a thing that is severely lacking in the public speaking world.

I’ve spoken or trained in 27 countries. My topics are mainly

  • cyber crime (or cyber security if you’re so inclined, but don’t you think cyber crime sounds a lot sexier?), and
  • public speaking

but I don’t shy away from life hacking and personal growth either. For inquiries just send me a quick email.


So you were bad?

What you see from public speakers is usually just the outside. The self-assurance, the exuberance, the flashy pictures. The recommendations, the Facebook and Twitter posts. Everything is going great, audiences love them, full agendas, interesting locations, deep messages and connections. I call bullshit We all have our off days. We all have presentations that don’t …

What does a speaker drink? What to drink when you’re onstage.

Water There. I spoiled it. Drink water. You can go back surfing the web now. Speaking is hard on the vocal cords. Doubly so in an airconditioned environment. Your voice needs lubrication. Water does the trick. Although I wonder why… The water you drink travels down your esophagus (the food pipe), while your vocal cords are …